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Professional Contractors for Excavation in Liverpool, NS

For all your land excavation and grading requirements in and around Liverpool, you can rely on Ole Veteran Fisheries Ltd. We believe in carrying out successful, efficient excavating services at affordable prices. Our team is knowledgeable and resourced with top-quality equipment and advanced technology.


We begin with site preparation and work systematically to achieve long-lasting solutions, whether it is drilling, dirt moving, repair of sewer lines and septic tanks or boring the land for stormwater drains. Personally overseeing projects is a part of our work so that we can ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Please get in touch if you want to learn more about our excavation in Liverpool. Besides this, we can provide you with demolition services.

Types of Excavation

Every construction requirement is different. And similarly, the excavation that precedes this construction varies according to the project's needs. There are several different types of excavation according to the purpose, such as:

Trench excavation: Generally, for this type of excavation, the length of the area requiring excavation is more than its depth. It is pivotal for laying foundations, installing pipelines, placing service lines and more.

Cut and fill excavation: This type of excavation is also called stripping, and it involves extensive clearing. The process includes clearing shallow topsoil layers, sand, rocks and other unwanted materials. It can also involve land grading.

Dredging: Dredging refers to extracting sediments and debris underwater to allow construction and ease of passage. The buildup of these materials makes both of these processes challenging.

Basement excavation: Basement excavation is essential when constructing even partially below ground level. The nature of this excavation depends on the size of the property.

Would you like to learn more about our excavation in Liverpool, and which type do you require? Our seasoned team would be delighted to address your queries. We can also help you with septic solutions.

Why Do You Need Professional Excavation Services?

Excavation is associated with more than just creating houses or commercial building structures. It can be useful for almost any construction work - even as simple as building a driveway. We ready your property for construction by removing boulders, rocks, stones, debris, and old tree roots and stumps. Our excavation service helps with laying new pipelines from the municipal water line and digging to construct drainage systems for new buildings.


See Our Landscaping Products

Besides excavation in Liverpool, we provide a range of premium landscaping products to spruce up your property.

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