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High-Quality Landscaping Products in Liverpool

Using high-quality landscaping products can make all the difference to the visual appeal of your residential or commercial premises. Let Ole Veteran Fisheries Ltd help you create admirable first impressions of your Liverpool property. With crushed stone, pea gravel, multi-coloured beach stone, organic soil and mulch, screened and masonry sand and more, we decorate and add a new touch of dignity and style to your property. If you need a charming garden, a smart facelift to your driveway, a smoothly paved dog run or colourful playground, or even neat bicycle trails and pathways along verdant lawns, we are just a call away.

Stone and Gravel

When it comes to the visual appeal of one’s home or commercial land, a simple change can at times make a big difference. The right kind of stone and gravel can work wonders for the aesthetics of your property. Here are the options we have for you. We are always available on call to discuss exactly how you want the results.

Beach Stone

Beach Stone

With a wide range of applications, beach stones are especially useful in areas where grass is scanty or difficult to mow. They come in different shades and colours and are rounded.


The many uses of Beach Stone:

As landscape features
To suppress weeds
Garden borders
Walkway and pathway borders
Areas of drainage
Clear Stone 1 Inch

Clear Stone 1 Inch

Clear stone is ‘clear’ because it has no debris left over it. This crushed stone comes from quarries in specific sizes, and has great utility in drainage applications. 


Clear stone can be used:

Behind stone walls
Under decks and sheds
French drains
Crusher Run

Crusher Run / Dust

Another quarried material, crusher run is great for applications such as driveways. It is crushed to particular sizes, and the resulting dust and dirt help to bind stones.


Crusher run has many uses:

Constructing driveways and walkways
As a base for pavers
Under patio stones
Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is smooth and rounded and comes in different shades and colours. It is usually available at approximately ½” in size.


Pea gravel is useful for:

Garden and lawn edges
Pathways and dog runs
Around patios
Red and Black Dyed Mulch

Rock Gravel

This base for any country driveway, and many construction projects. 

Red and Black Dyed Mulch

Washed Boulders 

This base for any country driveway, and many construction projects. 

Soil and Mulch

Natural Mulch

Natural Mulch

Our natural mulch is perfect for protecting your precious plants and trees. We create this mix using organic matter such as leaves and bark of old Christmas trees and a variety of plants. We grind all these recycled materials to create a healthy, environment-friendly mulch that will keep your plants and roots hydrated and help them breathe.


This mulch will protect your:

Gardens and lawns
Plants roots

Organic Soil for Lawns

A lush, neat lawn can take a lot of effort. It is very important for the soil to be of top quality and for that, it needs the nutrition of a healthy base. Our 25% compost soil is made of just the kind of combination that is sure to revive your lawn and make it picture-perfect.


This soil is perfect for:

small plant in soil

40% Organic Garden Soil

This is yet another all-rounder when it comes to your garden. This competent mix is made of 40% compost and peat moss. It is a good option for regular, routine use to keep your garden and lawn in the best of health.


You can use this soil for:

Vegetable gardens
Shrubs & flowers
Raised beds
Red and Black Dyed Mulch

Rock Gravel

This base for any country driveway, and many construction projects. 

Top Dressing Compost

Rough Fill

Save money by using Rough Fill instead of Topsoil or Dirt for a solid ground foundation. 


Sand seems humble but it is essential for construction projects whether for heavy concrete work or as an under paver during landscaping. We have the right kind of sand for every site and you can rely on us for consistent quality.

Septic Sand

Septic Sand

We procure this sand from the Annapolis Valley and our product meets the necessary guidelines. This sand is ideal for:

Constructing septic systems
view of a wall

Masonry Sand

Also called mortar sand, it is specially used for heavy-duty concrete and masonry work. Choose this sand for:

Building concrete structures
Masonry and brick work
Filling in playboxes
Screened Sand

Screened Sand

This sand is great for use as supporting material in a range of construction projects. It can be used for:

Winter ice-control systems
Pipe bedding
Electrical trenches
Playbox sand
As a base for pavers

Customized Landscapes

We help you customize the look of your property with expert suggestions.

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