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Safe and Reliable Septic Systems in Liverpool

Building and maintaining municipal sewers can prove to be expensive. In turn, septic systems are a long-term solution. They are a smart and cost-efficient way of treating a building's wastewater within the property, provided the type of land is ideal, and there is a safe distance between the buildings, well and septic, wetlands, etc. At Ole Veteran Fisheries Ltd, we are a certified septic installer with wastewater in Nova Scotia to excavate and install septic systems in Liverpool and surrounding areas and meet with the engineers for final approval.


We help you with your exact requirements, check your land's viability for a septic system, inspect and rejuvenate septic beds, and repair and replace the necessary parts.

Installation of Septic Systems

The process of installing a septic system begins with you contacting a certified engineer such as Able Engineering or Berrigan Surveys to design a septic specific to your site. Existing septics can be inspected by us once we have the engineer’s plans, we will provide an estimate, and this can begin the installation and provide you with the options to upgrade, refurbish, or repair your existing system. Septic system installation involves an elaborate procedure to ensure that the client’s needs are met after investigating the following key factors:

Identifying soil type by excavating test pits to find out the water holding capacity of the soil and how fast the water seeps through it.

Finding out limiting conditions such as bedrock, water table level, and permeability of the soil.

Assessing space availability and suitability of the topography to fit in the chosen septic system.

Septic system intsallation

The size of the suitable septic system depends on multiple variables like the size of your home, number of family members, number of bedrooms, add-on fixtures like a Jacuzzi and the usage of the facility to estimate the volume of waste. The data collected from the site investigation is used to prepare a detailed report with drawings of the proposed septic system. This report is used for filing the septic system installation with a Record of Sewerage System form to the regional health authority. After this form gets stamped, the client can obtain building permits.

Have more questions about the installation process? Call us to get in touch with a member of our team, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Cost of Getting a Septic System

The cost of a septic system design and installation is based on the heavy machinery needed for the excavation of test pits, the time spent documenting the necessary data on site, and the soil analysis done to measure distances and evaluate topography. The installation cost also includes materials such as septic sand, topsoil, grass seed, fertilizer for septic fields, and the septic tank itself.

The estimated standard price of designing a septic system in Liverpool is $1500-$2000. Once you have received an engineer-designed septic plan for your site, email it to us, and we will make an estimate specific to your site and the engineer's specifications. You can also reach out to us for landscaping and demolition services.

septic system

Why Choose Us

You can count on Ole Veteran Fisheries Ltd for:

Septic bed and tank inspection

Septic tank installation, maintenance and regular inspections
Work that meets the required standards of the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

We Conduct Regular Inspections

For the septic system on your property, regular checks by professionals help keep track of any minor troubles like damages or potential malfunction. Here are a few maintenance suggestions for you based on our experience so that you can take necessary measures well in advance:

Ideally, the system should be checked every three years.
Always maintain the records of each inspection and repair.
Keep the pipelines clear of non-biodegradable items like diapers, feminine hygiene products or other solids that cause blocking/choking.
Do not add any substances to the septic system without the approval of your local health department.
Ensure that plants and trees are at a safe distance because their roots may cause damage.

Request a Quote

We offer free quotes on all our excavations and installations of septic systems in Liverpool.

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