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Residential Snow Removal Services in Liverpool

You cannot stop the snow from falling, but you definitely can prevent a heavy snowfall from impeding your movements. No matter how harsh the weather, getting snowed in is no more a hassle with Ole Veteran Fisheries Ltd.


Save precious time and energy for yourself, your family, visitors, colleagues, tenants and customers in Liverpool and the surrounding areas as our snow removal services clear up driveways, parking lots and entry points. We offer fleet and truck snow removal too. Our trained and professional technicians use state-of-the-art equipment for quick and efficient service irrespective of the size or function of your residential or commercial estate.

A Variety of Services

snow being removed by a machine

Snow plowing and hauling

truck removing snow

Commercial snow removal

cars under snow

Parking lot snow removal

snow being removed with a shovel

Shovelling and sanding of sidewalks

fleet of vehicles under snow

Snow removal for vehicle fleets

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our snow removal services are carried out by trained and experienced individuals who work quickly and efficiently. Besides, we use the latest equipment and machinery to remove snow from different kinds of surfaces. We use snow throwers, bobcats, shovels, scrapers, blowers, sweepers, tractors and loaders to clean up pathways, driveways, parking lots, vehicle fleets and more.

Snow Removal Pricing

We offer the option of monthly rates along with per push rates. Our services are priced affordably, and the exact amount will depend on the specific project.


Request an Estimate

Let us know how we can help you and get a free quote right away.

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